RTB Automation Toolkit 11.2

Roundtable TSMS

appSolute RTB Automation Toolkit 11.2 for RTB 11.2 Released

An Extended API and Automation Toolkit for Roundtable TSMS. The initial version of the toolkit was initially demonstrated during the EMEA PUG Challenge 2012 presentation "Continuous Integration with Roundtable TSMS" given by Jeff Ledbetter from Roundtable Software and Thomas Hansen from appSolutions. The new release is a re-write and significant enhancement of the initial release of the toolkit from 2012.

Downloads available from Roundtable Software or from Bitbucket.

New release available - 11.2.1

A much awaited new version of the appSolute RTB Automation Toolkit was released in 2014. The latest release has ben built for RTB 11.2+ and can be used with OpenEdge versions 10.2B+ and 11.x.

The new release is a re-write and significant enhancement of the initial release of the toolkit from 2012. In addition to many new APIs and enhanced core functionality, the new release also includes:

  • OpenEdge AppServer support for extended APIs
  • A new wrapper OpenEdge OOABL class for the RTB Proxy APIs (scm/custom/rtb/Utils/RTBProxyHelper.cls)
  • JSON export support for wrappered RTB Proxy calls
  • Enhancements to the inlcuded Ant scripts
  • Jenkins sample jobs for executing Ant scripts
  • Maia ActiveRecord models to provide support for proxies not available from RTB
  • Public Bitbucket repository for downloads of the open source toolkit

This toolkit is an open source subset of appSolute Deployment. The toolkit includes:

  • An extended API and ABL wrappers for using the standard Roundtable API and Proxy procedures from outside a Roundtable session
  • Sample Apache Ant scripts for executing core Roundtable processes from the command line or from Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins.

Getting Started

The open source toolkit can be downloaded from the Roundtable TSMS downloads website or from our Bitbucket repository.

Roundtable partner site deployments of the toolkit are available on request as part of the commercial service and support offering from appSolutions supporting the toolkit.

For more details on the support and services related to the appSolute RTB Automation Toolkit please contact us.

For those interested in toolset that also includes application partitioning, batch processing of Roundtable deployments and more Apache Ant script building blocks for automation, we recommend using appSolute Deployment.

Further details?

For more details on appSolute RTB Automation Toolkit Support and Services from appSolutions